Welcome to EcoManager!

EcoManager is a comprehensive, web-based, project management system. It can be used to manage projects of all types, at multiple locations. The EcoManager system allows accurate budgeting and accruals tracking on a daily or monthly basis. It tracks all costs incurred, including daily or hourly rates and first- and third-party expenses. EcoManager allows updates and edits from anywhere with access to the internet.

EcoManager is also an easy-to-use, web-based platform to create, view and track project status codes and progress updates. Developed over a period of ten years by people with first-hand knowledge of environmental programs, the status code management system allows quick evaluation of next step requirements for multiple projects of any type. EcoManager includes mapping tools to visually organize projects by client, type, or status. Robust, reliable and easily adaptable, EcoManager will be the most powerful component in your project management toolbox. Inquire today!